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Welcome to our travel blog!

Hi! I’m Markus, creator of Travelfire and the proud head of this travel blog. We will be filling this area with articles, pictures and more as soon as we have some spare time.

Anyways, you can read my first real blog entry here Riga in winter

After watching around 5000 travel videos (of which 1300 landed on Travelfire), i still enjoy looking for new videos and watching my favorites.

Everything started with a book and a ticket from Paris to Beijing. After 3 month in Asia, i came back as a new person and was stunned by the new experiences. That was when i started Travelfire – to combine my new passion and my entrepreneurial spirit. We build a platform for categorized travel videos to follow our passion to every country in the world.

All of our videos are hand picked. We spend weeks to set up our collection and keep on monitoring the web for new videos. Enjoy the inspiration.

trinidad and tobago

How did Travelfire start?

It started with a Youtube account being filled with travel videos of the countries we’ve been to in the last years.

We then kept on following multiple travel vloggers who shared inspiring travel videos. The decision to make a website and collect the best travel videos was brought to us by our passion for traveling and our desire to learn more about the world by watching the videos of real nomads.

Travelfire will give you a unique insight of every country in the world. It will bring you as close to the action as can get without being there yourself.



My name is Rowena, but most people call me Ro.  I live in Cali where people prioritize the daily grind of hard work and strive for success.  Most people here don’t take a vacation longer than a week and for the first time I packed up a backpack and decided to take off to Thailand for a month.  This experience opened up a new world of traveling by hosteling.

This past year, all I dreamed about was when and where was my next trip going to be. I was intrigued to embrace myself with culture and meeting new people from all over the world that shared my same interest. So I saved up all my paid time off and in January I followed the footsteps of my ancestors and explored the Philippines.

The guys and me share a passion for traveling, so i use my spare time to help out with Travelfire and build a great tool for all wanderlusters.

I will write my first travel blog entry soon, promise.

travel blog - cocoa picking

Why do we do what we do?

Our goal is to find the best travel videos on the web. We are continuously looking for the most exciting videos to share with you and expand our collection for each country.

We’ve already collected  over 1300 videos from all 193 countries. We also show around 300 videos for different categories like travel tips, adventure sports, and digital nomads.

We’re currently building profiles of passionate travel vloggers and ambassadors in which they share their stories, videos and articles. Send us a message if you like what we do and want to be a part of Travelfire!

schuette - Kopie


I’m Markus from Salt Lake City, Utah and this is my first travel blog entry. I’ve been a travel and adventure junkie for as long as I can remember. To me, there’s nothing more exciting than getting out of your comfort zone, learning something new, and meeting other kindred spirits along the way.

Over the past couple years I’ve realized that a traditional career path wasn’t going to satisfy my continuous case of wanderlust and exploring. I’ve now dedicated my life to becoming a digital nomad and building Travelfire to inspire others, through videos, to go out and explore some of the beautiful places this world has to offer.