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Population: 1,1 billion      Countries: 52
Size: 30 million km²           Pop. density: 36 / km²

Travel from coast to coast—from the hottest deserts in Namibia to the most lush islands on the coast of Sierra Leone with African travel videos.


Population: 4,2 billion      Countries: 48
Size: 45 million km²           Pop. density: 87 / km²

Sample street food in Beijing, summit Everest in Nepal, and ride an elephant in Thailand before you go with videos from our Travelfire world travelers.


Population: 37 million      Countries: 14
Size: 9 million km²             Pop. density: 3 / km²

Urban city-living, surfing, Great Barrier Reef snorkeling, endless beach roads, and more awaits you with our best Australia travel clips.


Population: 742 million      Countries: 44
Size: 10 million km²             Pop. density: 73 / km²

Stop for a crepe by the Eiffel Tower, cruise the Mediterranean, or sky dive over the alps. Our users have done Europe right and are ready to show you what adventure is in store.


Population: 565 million      Countries: 16
Size: 25 million km²             Pop. density: 23 / km²

Whether you’re jet setting to Vancouver, soaking up the sun in the Gulf of Mexico, or seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, these travel videos will inspire you.


Population: 386 million      Countries: 19
Size: 18 million km²             Pop. density: 21 / km²

From Caracas to Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, see what it’s like to walk the city streets or head into the rainforest by watching user-videos.

We will add Antarctica to our continents soon. We are working on this.