I was sent by On The Go to Iceland for eight days to make a short film. I focused on the shifting landscapes instead of the people like I have done on other films. The filmmaking process was relentless for around ten days but I’m pleased to present the finished film.

I edited a different variation of the film for the On The Go website and channel:

The song is the instrumental version of ‘Run Boy Run’ by Woodkid:

DSLR – Canon 80D
Action – GoPro Hero 5
Drone – DJI Phantom 3 Pro

I was most impressed by the quality of the GoPro Hero 5, with the option to shoot in 4k resolution being particularly good.

Being a drone pilot was alien to me, but I picked it up quickly and it was going well until I crashed it into a live Icelandic telephone wire. It needs taking apart to assess the damage…(it’s not mine either)

Due to copyright issues with the music, you cannot watch this film on your phone.

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