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Australia and the surrouning islands are known as Oceania. 7500 Islands of which 2100 are inhabited. 16 souverain Countries like Fiji, Palau an New Zealand are a big playground for sun lovers, surfers, and backpackers. Which Australia Movie will give you the kick to drop out of your 9 to 5 life and start exploring the world? Many young people are discovering Australia and surrounding countries on a Work and Travel year and it is worth it. The continent has some of the most beautiful spots, unique cities like Sydney, and an incredible wildlife.

Whiteheaven Beach, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Ocean Road with the 12 apostels, and many other sights and attractions are responsible for unique experiences made by millions of people every year. But have you every heard of Kiribati, the Solomun Islands, or Micronesia? Oceania has even more to offer than its most famous country Australia.

Dig deep into the Outback and follow our Explorers on their mission through Australia. Watch GoPro footages from heavy waves and be behind the lens on a treck through rainforests and deserts. Choose a country that you want to learn more about by clicking on the tile and start discovering the continent of Oceania.




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About Australia and Oceania

Australia is a part of Oceania which is the region in the Pacific Ocean. The over 7500 islans are spread on an area of 70 million square kilometers and have a land surface of 1.3 million m² of which Australia takes the biggest part. The population density of Oceania is almost 20 times less than of Europe which makes it a great continent to explore remote villages and untouched nature.