Travel Preparations - What is essential to think of before your next trip?

You’re about to start your next trip?

Our videos about travel preparations will show you everything you have to take care of. Browse our videos below and watch how to get your documents together or how to pack like a Tetris Nerd.

Our recommendation: Create a checklist of things you have to think of in advance

Things you always need:

  • Itinerary and booking papers
  • Passport, licenses, insurance
  • Visa / Visa Information
  • Luggage / Packing List
  • Transportation / Driving license
  • Ebooks / Movies / E-Maps
  • A first impression (e.g. by watching videos on Travelfire)

For long time traveling:

  • Mail – Ask person of choice to collect or send to you
  • Information about bank, insurance etc to¬†family
  • Home (fridge, electricity, rent)
  • All important Documents (and data) saved on a cloud service
  • Money to fly back any time