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The “Travel the World” lifestyle is something that needs to be learned through experiences made in trips to foreign countries. There are several parts in becoming a real traveler. First you need to make a decision. This might be the hardest part and only people who don’t fear the risk of leaving something behind will be able to make this step. Then you need prepare yourself which will need some organizational talent – and time. Everything after will be a time of spontaneous decisions, big experiences and new ideas. Browse our lifestyle gallery to get insights in and learn about the life as a native traveler.

Digital Nomads

These videos may cause you to quit your job and become a full time traveler. See what it’s like to live and work in another country by following digital nomads.


Travel Preparations

Travel the world! But before you get going, make a checklist of what you need to do while you’re away to be prepared. Learn what to think of before hitting the road.


Travel Motivation

Its been too long since your last trip and you need a push out of your comfort zone? Find the inspiration you need to light your own TravelFire here.


Staying Safe

Traveling is amazing, but it can be dangerous. Learn how to avoid pick-pockets and how to stay safe when you’re away from home.